The Saltbox Building Co Process

Saltbox Building Co has established a process method that sets the benchmark for innovative and remarkable quality custom home building.

We work in collaboration with custom home design professionals and make the perfect partner for those “one of a kind” construction builds on the south coast.

Saltbox Building Co thrives on being a part of the journey to each new home created and values clear communication.  Saltbox will provide support on design consultation through the build in a professional and collaborative manner you can trust. Our process is set up to ensure no mishandling of any project by maintaining a single point of contact from start to finish. Consistent updates on the project timeline and build stages makes communication very easy at any distance. Keeping you in control of your dream creation and a part of the process at every step.

Saltbox Building Co has experience working with quality construction materials and will work collaboratively with home designers to make brand recommendations that achieve the best building outcomes.

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